Weekly Astrology Forecast, July 2-8: Leaving Tension Behind

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The week begins with tension in our skies as Venus and Uranus push and pull with one another, which prompts us to witness what struggle may also be taking place within us. As the days continue, the full Moon in Capricorn offers release and renewal.

Venus in Leo Square Uranus in Taurus

Astrology is known for tracking the earthly repercussions of the movement of the Sun and planets through the signs of the zodiac and the cycling of the Moon through the lunar phases. A lesser known aspect of astrology is how the planets communicate, collaborate, and create invitations through their positions relative to one another.

We are not strangers to the relationships among planets. We feel their impact through the monthly transits and we experience their influence inside our natal charts and, therefore, inside of us.

A square aspect occurs when two planets are three signs away from one another. This creates friction. It’s the sort of tension that can feel like opposing forces, aspects of ourselves, that at first feel as if they could never fit together, as if one is battling the other. That feeling persists until we choose to step forward and be with that tension before we eventually find it to be one of our greatest strengths, motivators, and doorways into ourselves.

Squares are opportunities. They usher us out of complacency and into change. When we make the decision to be with what is ours, to heal what we are harboring, and to embody the wholeness of ourselves, we are met with opportunities—whether stirred from within or sparked from an outer experience—prompted by that decision.

In astrology, Venus represents what we value. In ourselves, in others, in the people we choose to hold space in our lives, and in what we value in our environments, whether art, food, career, or beauty. What we value reflects who we are, and the decisions that we make based on those values solidify our sense of self and fulfillment. The expression of Venus known as love shows up most obviously in our relationships, whether romantic, friendship, business, or otherwise.

Uranus holds a very different tone. Uranus is the side of us that needs freedom. Uranus is change and revolution. It shakes things up and disrupts old beliefs for the sake of forward movement and cracking longheld structures that inhibit us.

As Venus edges closer to her retrograde beginning toward the end of July, her meeting with Uranus on July 2 acts as an almost cracking open of what we may be invited to further contemplate, reflect upon, and review throughout the backward motion soon to meet us.

This square can feel as if something arises within us that is ready to be witnessed, whether they are emotions we have disowned, desires we have pushed into the shadows, deeds that we have denied, or values that we have laid to rest in the name of safety, peace, ease, or something else. Uranus pierces the defenses we have may put in place and brings what is ours front and center.

Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moons are a time of release. The Moon has built herself to the point of fullness where the only direction is to empty, let go, and surrender. It is an invitation of closure.

Capricorn, as an archetype, is here for the realization of our greatest potential. It is here for the journey to the top of our mountain. It is here for who we become throughout our journey to reach the top.

Capricorn builds us. It challenges us. It shapes us. And it teaches us. Capricorn reminds us that no matter what we face, we have the inner resources within to continue, whether we are familiar with them or they are hidden and untapped.  Sometimes it isn’t until the moment an obstacle stops us from moving forward that those resources ignites us to dig deep and find them so that we may continue forward.

While the Moon sits in Capricorn, the Sun and Mercury sit opposite it in Cancer. A water sign, Cancer is the meaning we find through exploring our emotional waters and the currents of our body. It is our inner foundation.

The full Moon on July 3 is an invitation to dive deep within so that you can explore the terrain without. It is an invitation to sink into your body, explore your emotion, and nurture your heart just as much as it is to lean into the practical mind, discipline, structure, and long-term desires.

With this sinking within and looking without, we return to the current state of the Moon, which is about letting go. We allow the insights found deep within our emotions, paired them with the long-term desires that we know are already ours, and we release anything we are holding onto that inhibits our journey. We look within, we look around, and we begin to release the weight that stops us from climbing our mountain.

Your Invitation

Reflection. Felt experience. Being with what arises from deep within your body. Expressing what you feel in ways that help you make sense of it, whether movement, art, music, writing, or conversation.

The invitation is presence with your experience along with grace to feel whatever you may feel, even when it opposes who you believe you should be, what you think you should experience, or how you assume you should live your life.

Uranus desires to break open the perspectives through which you have created your reality. It shows you there is more, there is different, there is a new way to contemplate. But first you must first shatter the confines through which you have been perceiving.

Lean into your Venus and explore what your values are, what your needs are, what desires come from deep within you, and whether they are being met by you, another, your environment, or your experience of reality at large.

Following that, there is an opportunity to breathe out. To let go. To release. This week’s full Moon comes at a time that is beautiful for a somatic release. Shake out the emotion. Move through your reticence. Release the clutter in your mind. And surrender to your experience without needing to make perfect sense of it all.

Allow Capricorn to remind you of the path that is yours. The path that makes you want to be the best you possible. The path that makes you want to continue getting up, no matter how many times you may have fallen. The path that brings out in you the strength you didn’t realize you had. The path that is yours.

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